ONN INVEST is a consulting company founded by professionals who have been active in the banking, finance and real estate sectors for more than 20 years.

The ONN INVEST team, which has achieved many successes and overcome many challenges together over the years, draws its strength from its long-term working practice of working together and separately in different fields.

ONN INVEST aims to optimise the costs and increase the profitability of its stakeholders by developing tailor-made business models and solutions for its business partners.

The ONN INVEST team shares the dream of positioning itself as a trusted and highly competitive organisation in Turkey and abroad that has achieved sustainable quality, growth and profitability targets.



ONN INVEST, which has experience and strong relationships in local and international markets, provides consultancy to real estate projects in concept development, regional analysis, positioning, pricing, local and international marketing and sales; offers end-to-end solutions in digital and traditional marketing, customer relationship management, after-sales and project delivery, facility management.

ONN INVEST has advanced expertise in domestic and international alternative financial instruments and investment management, particularly in real estate investment funds and venture capital investment funds. It offers activity suggestions to individual and institutional investors and plays a role in the management of investments.

Concept Development

For real estate projects in the development phase, regional and concept analyses are made, best use proposals are developed, sales feasibility and pricing reports are created.

Marketing Management

Target audience, product and market research is conducted in the light of marketing needs, priorities and expectations; marketing mix is created. Campaign period and continuous communication channels are determined, managed and periodically reported.

Sales Management

Sales management processes, in which planning, sales office/agency management, after-sales and reporting processes are handled in an integrated manner, are designed and managed separately for domestic and foreign markets.

Delivery and Facility Management

Project delivery and facility management services, which are specially designed in line with data such as project concept, price level and customer base, are offered to project developers and site managements on a turnkey basis.

Real Estate Investment Funds

Domestic and foreign resident individual and institutional investors are advised on the determination of the fund’s investment strategy and the immovable properties to be transferred to the fund, the management of the assets transferred to the fund and the reporting of the activities.

Property Management Services

Administrative and financial transactions such as maintenance, repair, dues and invoice payments, leasing, evacuation, resale, etc. starting with the delivery of the immovable property are managed on behalf of the real estate investor under a contract.

Citizenship and Residence

Counselling on legal procedures for individuals wishing to live or do business in the respective country; residence permit and citizenship processes are followed.

Legal Support

Counselling is provided on the protection of individual rights, especially property rights, compliance with legal requirements and avoidance of potential legal problems.

Country Counselling

Market research, sector analysis for people and institutions who want to do business in the foreign market or who are considering investing, identification of investment opportunities, counselling on financial planning and cost analysis.

Domestic and International Company Openings

Consultancy is provided on the establishment, legal compliance, local administration and administrative procedures regarding the company planned to be established in the target country.

Online Property Viewing Tour

Details of the immovable property of interest are presented simultaneously with virtual tour or 360-degree images.

Concierge and Hospitality

Support with transport, accommodation and reservations in the destination country services are provided.

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